Resume Career Profile Upload – CareerBuilder, Indeed and LinkedIn


With the 3 site upload service, we would create and set up your online career profiles on 3 sites of your choosing. This also includes a resume upload so you will be ready to apply to open positions. We complete all necessary fields within the profile such as salary requirements, reference details, profile summary, work experience, job interest, etc. Let us help position you for success and help ease the transition in landing a new opportunity.

So now you have a professional resume but have you considered your online presence when it comes to applying for your desired roles? In today’s job market there are hundreds of sources to apply to positions but the top 3 commonly used career search engines include Indeed, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn. These are the most effective sources for landing a position. With this service, all 3 profiles would be completed and your most up-to-date resume would be uploaded to ready you for the job market. All you have to do is log in and start your career search. Need assistance in applying for positions? We got you covered, ask us about our job placement packages.


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