Federal Package – Federal Resume, Cover Letter, KSA, and USAJobs Profile


The hiring process used by the federal government is very complex. The resume is used by hiring managers to establish that you meet the credentials required for the position for which you applied.  With this service you will receive a federal resume that abides by all federal regulations in terms of formatting and that highlights your experience, education and accomplishments while highlighting any relevant leadership & management experience relevant to the position you are applying for to attract prospective employers and bring even more attention to your resume.

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A standard resume won’t cut it when applying for a federal job. The hiring process used by the government is very complex and they require a federal resume that extensively lists all of your experience, education, and training. A federal resume must also follow the formatting regulations during the process when applying for a federal position. If you do not follow the requirements of the resume, you risk losing out on the opportunity to another candidate.

Career coaches recommend having a professional resume writer create the documents for you, as they stay up-to-date with training regarding the federal job application process. Simplify your job search and contact us today to assist in creating a professionally written federal resume and cover letter optimized for the federal position you are targeting.

The process itself is very complex, if you need assistance in preparing a Federal Resume, Cover Letter or are interested in our job placement services click here to get started.


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