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Make the case for why you are perfect for the job.

LinkedIn Profile Branding

LinkedIn is a platform designed for professionals to create their professional portfolios and create a brand image of themselves, all the while building an ever-growing network of like-minded people who will help your career accelerate.

Establishing a completed LinkedIn Profile allows you to formulate your profile in a way that would catch the attention of frequent visitors and, oftentimes, some very interesting and big names from different industries. This form of branding can easily land you high-paying jobs and your preferred working industry so that you don’t have to go from one place to another dropping your Resume. All you will need is to utilize the digital space and get the most opportunities out of it by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

What should a LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

LinkedIn gives you a lot of tools that you can utilize to create a powerful online presence, so LinkedIn automation tools or lead generation are a great way for you to get leads and gradually build your name amongst the most reputable users on that platform. Having a successful LinkedIn profile can drastically improve your chances of landing a job that pays well.

Suppose you are an introvert who is shy of interacting with people outside of the only realm. LinkedIn should be your go-to! You can build a compelling profile online without having to attend gatherings and networking parties just from the comfort of your home. Not only should you add a very strong headline that goes right below your profile picture, hence, the first thing that people notice about you, but you also cover all the basic elements.

Other than that, your LinkedIn profile must include the following things in order to create a more holistic portfolio.

  • Professional photo
  • About Section
  • Strong Headline
  • Compelling summary.
  • Summary of industry experience, expertise and education.
  • List of skills for endorsements.
  • Strong headline

You must also ensure that you are consistent with your profile and are actively building networks, sharing posts, congratulating others on their success, and getting endorsements!

Our Packages

We offer different packages at affordable price points. The Professional and business packages cover different amounts of details that are dependent on your unique situation and needs.

  • Professional LinkedIn Profile – $199
  • LinkedIn Business Page – $299

You can find more about the pricing division on our website.

You can also have our suggested add-on options under the following price point:

  • Add entry-level Resume: +$129
  • Add professional Resume: +$199
  • Add LinkedIn Profile +$99
  • Add Career Coaching +$199


Our services

Creative Resumes provide a professional LinkedIn Profile branding service that will create an impressive and excellent portfolio for you in any field and position!

We can do just about anything when it comes to advancing your career through writing a resume, cover letter, profile summary, or any other social media portfolio, which includes the following:

  • Executive Portfolios
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover Letters
  • Professional Biography
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Federal Resumes
  • And much more

And here is what you can expect from our professional services:

  • Keyword Integration
  • Proofreading
  • Great Design
  • Achievement-focused
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 100% original content
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30-Days for Unlimited Changes

You can also view over 60+ available samples on our website for review!