The Benefits of Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

Communication, particularly the written word, has allowed humans to share ideas and expand our knowledge base to incredible heights unrivaled in the animal kingdom. Based on modern linguistic and anthropological research, you could soundly argue that a recorded language is what truly catapulted our species to its current standing. Even in today’s world of text [...]

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Listing Freelance Jobs on Your Resume: A How-To Guide

You may have been freelancing for a variety of reasons: replacing income from a job loss or increasing income. Don’t forget that even if it was just a temporary or ongoing freelance gig, you can still apply what you’ve learned or accomplished to boost your resume. If you’ve done some freelance work and aren’t sure [...]

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Top Ten Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Your resume is an important tool in your search for a new job. It presents your work history, the experience that you possess and, more importantly, the specific employable skills you have that a hiring manager is looking for. The information in your resume can make the difference between getting an interview for the desired [...]

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Tips for Creating an Excellent Resume

Your resume is your first impression to every employer or hiring manager. It sums you up in a single short document and is essentially your argument to the company as to why you would be a great addition to their team. Why should they hire you? Why do you stand out? What kinds of results [...]

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