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You may have been freelancing for a variety of reasons: replacing income from a job loss or increasing income. Don’t forget that even if it was just a temporary or ongoing freelance gig, you can still apply what you’ve learned or accomplished to boost your resume. If you’ve done some freelance work and aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your resume, here are some things to keep in mind when listing your freelance work.

Listing Freelance Work

Listing freelance work or self-employment can help your resume. It can illustrate skills that may be helpful in the job you’re seeking. A hiring manager will consider your freelance work if it’s relevant and makes you a better candidate for the job. Get the best resume services in Orlando, FL, to make your freelance work enhance your resume.

Basic Listing

List your freelance work like you would any other job. List the positions in reverse order, the most current first. If you performed freelance work under a company name, list your company name. If you had a contract with a company, list the company. If you worked for several clients, you could lump them together, for example, marketing agencies or online universities.

Description of Your Work

Describe what services you performed in your freelance work. Concentrate on the things that relate to the job you’re applying for. Describe the skills you possess, for example, what computer programs you used. If you worked for several companies, list the ones that a potential employer will recognize. Underneath the description, list with bullets your accomplishments or major projects. You can describe how you met a financial goal, finished a large project quickly, or supervised or worked with other individuals on a task.

Section for Freelance Work

If you performed several freelance jobs, include a separate section for freelance work. Separating the freelance work may be helpful if you’ve worked intermittent freelance jobs over a span of time. Make the format simple. If the list of jobs is not long, list them in date order. If the list is lengthy, it may be better to break them into types of work, for example, web design consultant and graphic art designer. List the jobs most germane to the position you’re seeking. Include training, classes, and certifications. Highlight projects completed and some of the companies that benefited from your work.

Freelance Job

What to Exclude

Include the freelance work that makes you a better candidate for the position who are seeking. If you worked for a company years ago that used programs no longer in existence, omit those jobs. If the job is not pertinent to the position you’re seeking, don’t list it. Include your best jobs and the ones that showcase your talents. Listing too many jobs, especially if they’re short-term, could be a red flag to a potential employer.

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