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Listing Freelance Jobs on Your Resume: A How-To Guide

You may have been freelancing for a variety of reasons: replacing income from a job loss or increasing income. Don’t forget that even if it was just a temporary or ongoing freelance gig, you can still apply what you’ve learned or accomplished to boost your resume. If you’ve done some freelance work and aren’t sure [...]

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Top Ten Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Your resume is an important tool in your search for a new job. It presents your work history, the experience that you possess and, more importantly, the specific employable skills you have that a hiring manager is looking for. The information in your resume can make the difference between getting an interview for the desired [...]

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Tips for Creating an Excellent Resume

Your resume is your first impression to every employer or hiring manager. It sums you up in a single short document and is essentially your argument to the company as to why you would be a great addition to their team. Why should they hire you? Why do you stand out? What kinds of results [...]

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