Whether you’re jumping into a new job search or highlighting your experience at a current job, having a stellar resume on hand is always a smart idea. If it’s been a while since your last update, it’s important to be aware of the current trends in resume preparation. Getting your name to stand out amongst dozens of other candidates can seem like a difficult feat. However, with the right arrangement and content, you can make your resume pop! Here’s a list of 5 strategies to help you build a better resume.

1.    Cut the old

The most important thing to do with your resume is to start cutting out old or useless information that doesn’t need to be there. For most people in most industries, a resume shouldn’t be more than one page in length. Use that space wisely!

For instance, if you’ve been out of college for a few years and you have some solid work experience under your belt, it’s unnecessary to list your high school and all of the activities you participated in when you were a teenager. You can also cut out your GPA or volunteer work from college. Focus on your current skills and achievements. In addition, remember to remove obvious statements, such as “references available upon request” or the specific addresses and phone numbers of previous jobs.

2.    Important Information at the Top

Think about how quickly readers scan content nowadays. When an employer is reviewing applicants, résumés are scanned in seconds. If you’re looking for an opportunity to show off, do it at the top of the page! This can be through a “professional summary” instead of the traditional “objective.” Think about what you really want them to know about you, your skills, and areas where you really shine. Consider using bullet points to showcase certifications or specific industry experience, but just remember to put them at the top of the resume!

3.    Highlight Goals Achieved

Instead of including lists of roles and responsibilities, highlight the goals you’ve achieved throughout your work experience. Include sales numbers, statistics, awards, or certificates. Anyone can look up the traditional work duties of a sales associate, but only you can provide the real results that have been achieved through your hard work!

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4.    Keep It Simple

As mentioned above, potential employers are skimming and scanning these documents. Try to avoid using complicated text or too many adjectives. Try to get to the point and get to it quickly without being too wordy.

5.    Don’t Hesitate to Get Creative

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