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Communication, particularly the written word, has allowed humans to share ideas and expand our knowledge base to incredible heights unrivaled in the animal kingdom. Based on modern linguistic and anthropological research, you could soundly argue that a recorded language is what truly catapulted our species to its current standing. Even in today’s world of text messaging, tweets, and all manner of slang and truncated verbiage, professional written correspondence remains the law in the realms of academia, employment, public speaking, and more. After all, clear communication is the easiest way to broadcast one’s intelligence. Resume writing is a prime example of a skill that remains relevant in the modern job market. But the art of resume writing, unfortunately, is becoming lost. Keep reading to find out about the enduring value of the resume and how to find professional resume help.

Resume Dos and Don’ts

Why should you seek professional resume services in the first place? After all, we live in a time where online how-to videos and instructional publications can help us accomplish just about anything, including putting together a seemingly simple document like a resume. But resumes are anything but simple, and effectiveness comes down to expertise and experience. A professional resume writer knows the ins and outs of the dynamic, fickle job market, and understands what employers are looking for. They can help you place your most pertinent skills and positions at the top of the page, for example, because statistics show that hiring managers rarely read beyond the middle of the page.

A common rookie mistake is to try to cram everything you’ve ever done on your resume. You might feel the need to include everything because it was work, right? For one, your resume should never be more than a page, and secondly you should keep in mind that not every job you’ve held relates to the position you’re seeking. For example, if you’re going for a job as a bank manager, perhaps your cashier or delivery driver job isn’t appropriate. An expert will speak your prospective employer’s language and include only what’s most valuable.

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The Rapidly Changing Job Market

Another reason you should seek professional resume writing help is the fact that technology isn’t always on your side. While it’s easy for you as a job seeker to search, filter, browse, save, and apply to hundreds or even thousands of jobs at your fingertips, it’s not so easy for job posters to sort through the endless piles of inquiries they receive as a result. Therefore, you want a resume that stands out from the crowd while showcasing your best attributes. Whether you’re a recent college grad who’s new to the professional workforce or a person who’s been out of the loop for a while, you can dramatically benefit from the efforts of an expert who makes the nuances of the job-hunting journey their vocation.

While finding a certified professional resume writer might sound like an extravagant expense, there’s a solution within your means. When you hire Creative Resumes, you can count on us to provide the best professional resume writing services so you can carry on with your job search, perfect your elevator speech and find the perfect landing spot.

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