Why an Up-to-Date Resume and LinkedIn Profile are Must-Haves for Your Job Search

While Facebook might be the most frequented social media platform worldwide, LinkedIn takes the cake when it comes to anything career-oriented. Professionals from all industries are on LinkedIn, and with a usership of 875 million members, trust that your colleagues, boss, and future employers are on there too.

Whether you’re happily ensconced in your role, casually looking, or have committed to a role change, keeping your LinkedIn profile, and in turn, your resume, up-to-date will have you ahead of the game. With a regularly updated profile and resume you won’t have to worry about scrambling for notable achievements, they’ll already be on there, ready for hiring managers to see.

Build your Professional Brand
A brand is no longer about logos and slogans. You have a professional brand whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s how you behave, the impact that you have, and the impression that you leave on others. Let your LinkedIn profile and resume reflect that in a positive light, highlighting your areas of success.

Professional Networking Made Easy
Well, easy might be pushing on it, but at least it doesn’t involve mixers with bland appetizers and awkward small talk. LinkedIn has transformed from a stuffy professional site, to one where people eagerly engage and put out a lot of quality content. Comment on others' posts, put up your own, and make sure your profile is in tip-top shape when they come to connect.

Prepare for a Job Hunt in the 2020s
Jobs boards, shared job listings, and hiring managers are all in abundance on LinkedIn. Better believe that if you’re checking them out, they’re giving you the professional once-over too. Let them know you’re the best candidate for the job with your stellar, effective LinkedIn profile, not one that’s sat blank since you signed up in 2015.

Now that you understand why it’s so important to have an updated LinkedIn and resume, it’s time to get down to business. Creative Resumes understands that it can be hard to look at your professional history objectively and know which skills and accomplishments are marketable and in demand. We’re here to help with all of that.

Whether you need a consultation with a resume writer or career coach, or about career development or executive career coaching, we have trusted, qualified team members who can help you with your next professional step. For those looking for a comprehensive professional branding overhaul we offer the Career Portfolio Package. We’ll assist with your resume, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more to make sure your professional presence is established and notable. Let us help you stand out; book a consultation today.

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